April 29th, 2020

Episode #27

Huge Economic Changes To Expect Post-Virus

The COVID-19 crisis is having massive economic effects all over the world, and the changes won’t stop once the crisis is over. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young share predictions for how the U.S. will deal differently with other countries from now on.


Normalizing quickly: One of human beings’ greatest abilities is to normalize almost any situation very quickly.

Loss and gain: Entrepreneurs are always dealing with the loss of something and the gain of something new.

Select countries: For the rest of the 21st century, North America will have dealings with South America, and the U.S. will deal with select countries when it’s to their own benefit.

Adjust back: Once you see that you can still function during a crisis, you adjust your life to get back to doing what you do.

Economic Darwinism: Some businesses won’t survive the current situation, but that will make room for the stronger companies to be even more successful.

Won’t recover: China might never recover economically from the COVID-19 crisis.