January 15th, 2024

Episode #49

The Role Of Higher Education In The Entrepreneurial World

Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss the rise of progressivism and the impact it had on American politics. Dan shares his personal experience growing up in a blue-collar Democratic family. The episode explores the Democrats’ singular focus on highly “educated” professionals, and what this means for the future of work.


In This Episode:


The GI Bill probably was and probably still is the biggest social legislation that ever happened in the United States.


After the baby boom, going to university became the expected norm for everybody.


Progressivism was really introduced by Woodrow Wilson.


You can earn about $150,000 a year as a truck driver, or you can graduate with a four-year degree and earn $40,000 working in an office.


Government workers are about input, not outcome. Entrepreneurs don't care about input. They only care about outcome. They care about results.


Intellectuals see entrepreneurs as their enemy.